Course Summary

Join multi-award-winning architect, Nicholas Gioia, on a stimulating journey along the periphery of Melbourne’s CBD core; the North and Eastern borders. Witness the clash of architectures as you ponder 19thC “dreaming spires” being hastily overshadowed by the numberless cranes of the 21stC. Uncover some of the fascinating stories in the places where Melbourne’s centre rubs up against its very first suburbs.

Meet: On the steps of Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Professional architect, Nicholas Gioia, tutors Monash University Architecture courses and is a guest assessor of Architecture student work at Monash University, Melbourne University, RMIT and Deakin University.

Nicholas is a practising architect who has won many national and international awards and whose work has been extensively published.


Course Sessions

Sunday, 11th August - 1 class

Session ID DNAE0602C
11 Aug - 11 Aug 10:00am - 1:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$129 / $123 (conc)
Nicholas Gioia
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