Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolments and Fees

  • 6, 9 or 11 books a year from our catalogue, Dialogue
  • No-fuss delivery and return of books and notes for each meeting
  • Specially commissioned reading guides and discussion questions

You will also have access to:


Enrolment Forms can be emailed, posted, or paid in person at the CAE Customer Service Hub, Level 2, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. If you require a receipt (tax invoice) for your payment, please tick the relevant box at the bottom of the enrolment form.

Bank cheques should be made out to Box Hill Institute, and must be signed and dated. EFTPOS card payments can only be made in person at the CAE Customer Service Hub, Level 2, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Credit Card information on the enrolment form must include card type (Visa or MasterCard), all sixteen digits of your credit card number, the card expiry date and your signature. Please note that Diners Club and American Express are not accepted by CAE.

Combined Group Enrolment can be sent to us on one credit card or bank cheque payment to enrol the whole group at once. The Secretary collects individual payments and enrolment forms from each member, checks their accuracy and totals the amount payable. The Secretary then fills in the bank cheque or credit card details on their own enrolment form for a total amount covering all the individual payments. Even if some members choose to pay individually, you can still make a combined group enrolment/payment covering most members.

Seniors fees are only for holders of:

  • Full-time student card
  • Seniors Card (White card only – This does not include the Seniors Business Card)
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card (Orange card)

Concession fees are only for holders of:

  • Pensioner Concession Card (Blue card)
  • Low Income Health Care Card (Green card)
  • Veterans Affairs Gold Card

If you are entitled to a Concession or Seniors fee, please indicate this on your enrolment form and attach a copy of your current concession card. Please send photocopies only – no originals.

You must supply proof that you are studying full-time for the Seniors fee to apply.

Age Pension, Veterans Affairs Gold Card, and Seniors Card holders: on your first reduced-fee registration, you must attach a photocopy of your card and fill in your card number in the space provided. On subsequent registrations, just fill in your card number in the space provided.

Other Pension Concession Card, Health Care Card holders or full-time students: must always attach a photocopy of your current concession card or other documentation.

If you would like to join one of our existing groups in your area, please fill in the form Join a Book Group, and we will help you find a group in your area and confirm the appropriate pro-rata fee. Your first meeting is free.

Join a Book Group

CAE Book Groups is a great way to connect with other readers in your local community. Get together with friends, neighbours or colleagues to discuss the sort of books that might appeal to you as a group and choose a suitable time and venue. Once you have between 8-15 people and have decided on the number of discussion meetings you would like to have, you are ready to take the next step of electing a Book Group Secretary.

Start a Book Group

  • a minimum of eight group members (maximum 15)
  • a meeting venue of your choice – home, cafe or library.
  • a nominated Book Group Secretary

Group Information

Book Group Secretaries provide a permanent delivery address for books and liaise with CAE staff on book selections, payments and enquiries from potential new members. Secretaries are vital to the success of book groups and ensure CAE keeps in touch with the needs of each group. The role of Secretary can be rotated between group members from year to year.

The Book Groups Handbook is a comprehensive guide to filling out the Book Groups paperwork and then running a rewarding and successful group.

CAE Book Groups meet 6, 9 or 11 times a year. Groups choose the time, place and format of their own meetings and direct their own discussions.

You can view your book selections and meeting dates at Book Groups Online. You will need to login to view these details. Secretaries are also able to update delivery details, meeting dates and book selections. If you have not yet been provided with your login details or would prefer to receive your group information in a different format, please contact us.

Book Information

Each month, CAE selects a book from the list of possible titles your group has chosen from our catalogue, Dialogue. Groups have the option of requesting books in priority or random order.

One month. Books are delivered to the Group Secretary prior to the scheduled meeting. Members collect their copy of the book from the Secretary then meet again the following month to discuss the book they’ve just read and collect their next book.

CAE sends a box of books in advance of each meeting to the delivery address nominated by the Group Secretary. Books are returned to CAE by the Group Secretary via courier or post, and reply-paid slips are included in all boxes.

Reactions from our groups provide vital feedback to CAE staff and members are encouraged to share their reactions on our website. Send us your feedback using the Book Reaction Form.



No! Your CAE Book Groups membership gives you access to our e-book service as well as your normal book in the book box.

You will need your own compatible device and an internet connection to download the e-book. The e-books are available on tablets, computers and smart phones either by reading in your browser, or by downloading an app. For individual models, please check the list of compatible devices for Wheeler’s ePlatform. CAE does not supply reading devices.

To be added as an eBook patron, please ensure you have completed the registration of interest on the enrolment form. Alternatively, you can Register Your Interest on our website. When you are added to the platform for the first time, our staff will be in touch to provide login details.

Because of the software requirements, older models of e-readers such as Kindle and Kobo will be unable to access this service. For individual models, please check the list of compatible devices for Wheeler’s ePlatform. CAE does not supply reading devices.

Due to the nature of e-book licensing, not all titles are available as e-books. However, we have made every effort to provide as wide a selection as possible.

At this stage, CAE Book Groups does not offer audio books. Please check the functionality of your reading device as it might have the option to read the book out loud.

CAE Policies

To withdraw from your Book Group, you must give at least 4 working days’ notice prior to your group’s first discussion date. You will then be eligible for a refund, less a $30 administrative fee.

Please note that for withdrawals with less than 4 working days’ notice prior to the first discussion date, no refunds will be issued.

Please remember that you are a member of an off-campus CAE class. CAE wants to make sure that CAE students experience an accessible learning, social and physical environment that promotes and supports positive experiences and individual success.

CAE’s equal opportunity policies, procedures and services reflect relevant state and federal legislation and government policy and support the right of all current and potential CAE students to be treated as respected individuals in a learning environment free from discrimination and harassment. Awareness of our rights and responsibilities in relation to equal opportunity can reduce conflict, complaints and grievances and increase productivity and effectiveness.

More on our Equal Opportunity Policies

Protecting your privacy and personal information is important to CAE. Our privacy policy supports and endorses the national and state privacy standards. If you wish to receive a copy of our privacy policy or would like to find out how to gain access to any of your information held by us, please indicate when enrolling or phone 03 9652 0611.

Privacy Statement