Course Summary

What is your vision for retirement? Who are you if you’re no longer a parent, worker, spouse…? This course addresses the emotional aspects of retiring and provides you with tools to help you make comfortable decisions and get ideas for things you can look forward to.

Whether it’s your choice to retire, or the decision has been made for you, some clever planning can ease the transition and add joy to this new phase of your life. Learn how to take control of your best years yet and to reinforce the philosophy that life gets better with age.

Discover and embrace the emotional side of retiring, as well as practical ideas for enhancing all aspects of your life. For many people, retirement can creep up on them. Start thinking about your plans well in advance of actual retirement.

– Identify your true priorities
– How to live authentically: what does that mean?
– Your three ages: physical, mental and emotional
– Select from a host of ideas of fun things to occupy your time
– How to make appropriate goals for the next stage of your life
– How to stay youthful
– How to set appropriate boundaries to live the life you want
– How to let go and move on, from attitudes, people, old goals
– Deal with grief, guilt, anxiety and other emotions
– Get your affairs in order: Advanced Care Plans & Powers of Attorney
– Leaving a legacy for grandchildren: your philosophy, your attitudes; scrapbooks
– Make decisions comfortably, for yourself, as well as for others involved

  • Please bring a notepad and pen, and your list of questions, and have ready the handouts Jacquie will email you in advance of the class.

[Note: this course does not deal with financial planning or financial advice.]

You will have your questions answered and will leave the course with more optimism and confidence for the decisions you want to make and goals you want to set. Sutiable for anyone who is considering retirement, or who has had it thrust upon them, and wants to know how to make the best decisions for their future.

Jacquie Wise has been in private practice as a psychotherapist for over 40 years. She is a Master Certified Coach and facilitator of workshops aimed at transforming lives. She is the author of a number of personal development books. Jacquie Wise uses years of experience helping people establish new lives, new attitudes, and new identities.

Student endorsements:

  • ‘The best investment I have made is to come to your class. I had no idea so many options were available to me. I feel inspired, encouraged and rejuvenated! Thank you Jacquie.’ KZ
  • ‘Thank you for making the effort to provide a written structure for me. I know we spoke about what to do in class, but it was extremely helpful to have a written step-by-step process to follow as I prepare for my retirement.’ TS
  • ‘You helped enormously when you identified what I was experiencing was grief for the loss of my former life. Naming it made it normal and lifted a huge weight of my shoulders. I am more ready to look at all the ideas you gave me for a brighter future.’ AM

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

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