Many of us have spent the majority of this year working from home. While we might be getting back to the office soon, working from home will be more common in the future and it’s important to think about how to maximise your time.

WFH Article_Space1. Create a workspace

You won’t be able to replicate your office space exactly, but try to make a space as professional as possible. If you do have a separate room to use where you can close the door, that helps, but you can also create a space with a comfortable chair and a desk in the living room or the kitchen table. You can also use your space for your own creative projects. Make sure your setup is ergonomically sound.


WFH Article_Breaks2. Time and breaks

Ensure you know what your work hours will be and stick to them as closely as possible to create a routine. Make sure you take regular breaks and stand up frequently. Take the time to step away from your desk and go for a walk.


WFH_Distractions3. Minimise distractions

Just as there are distractions in the office, there are different and varied distractions at home! Family, pets, neighbours, the outside world. Let those you live with know what times you can’t be interrupted, especially if you’re in a meeting. A traffic light system can work well for this – red, only interrupt if there’s something really important that can’t wait, orange if it’s a good reason and green – door is ‘open’!


WFH_Connected with Colleagues4. Connect with Colleagues

One thing we definitely miss out on when working from home is the tea room or water cooler chats. It can be easily to become isolated, so make sure you continue to check in with your colleagues. Try to have weekly catch-ups over the phone or online with your immediate team to stay connected.


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