Looking for a career refresh this spring? Gaining new skills in digital design, IT or multimedia is a great way to enhance employability and land your dream job.  

Digital transformation is at the forefront of change for most industries–that’s why having enhanced digital or multimedia skills is a great way to gain new employment or advance in your current workplace.  

Did you know that digital literacy is one of the most in-demand skills employees want? So whether you are looking to up-skill, cross-skill or re-skill you’re on the right track.  

Key benefits of upskilling:

  • Employment Outcomes 

Gain the confidence to use different technologies to speed up workflow and complete new tasks. Perhaps you’re looking to improve in Microsoft Excel with a course on Honing Your Skills in Excel, or you want to become the new excel specialist in your team and decide to take on Excel Further.  

  • Increased productivity 

Upskilling is proven to increase engagement, morale and productivity at work! Having a digital skill set lets you get more done in a day. Discover new ways to approach tasks and new digital skills with Easing into Excel or Adobe Photoshop: Introduction 

  • Personal fulfillment – it’s an investment in yourself!  

Learning a new skill is important at any stage of life–education improves self-worth alongside developing new interests and hobbies. Beginners can learn Basic Computer Courses for Beginners & Seniors, making it easier to adopt new systems at home or work.  

  • Networking  

Starting a short course is a great way to meet new people with similar interests and broaden your professional network. Meet other aspiring creatives in Graphic Design and Blogging Courses for Beginners. These classes are perfect for anyone looking to expand their skills or start their own creative project. 

Professional Development for Success: 

The CAE offers a wide variety of professional development courses designed to enhance your communication, confidence and influence in the workplace. These short courses are prepared and delivered by industry experts determined to help you succeed both personally and professionally.  

Our top professional development courses:   

Women in Business: Strategies for Success

Powerful Presentation Skills

Time Management: Get Organised for Peak Performance

Effective Body Language in the Workplace

Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills