Meet artist and CAE tutor Pennie Jagiello.

What drew you to your profession?

My creative background began with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture and Spatial Practice) in 1995. While I continue to make a wide range of sculptural works, my professional practice of more than twenty years is focused on wearable art, and I am intrigued that jewellery and adornment is one of the oldest and universally practised creative mediums. I am drawn to contemporary jewellery as a creative way to express, and on the body as a moving gallery the pieces have the ability to incite enquiry and discussion as both jewellery and standalone art. A sustainably creative practice is an extremely important part of my making. With discarded and recycled materials completely informing all that I create, my concern for negative environmental impacts and practices is conveyed through my contemporary jewellery objects.

What are some of the highlights of your career outside of teaching?

Recent highlights include an invitation by the Australian Design Centre to participate in Made Worn – Australian Contemporary Jewellery, which is currently touring until 2022. I was selected for the 2019 Contemporary Wearables during which my entry was acquired by Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. I was also selected for the prestigious Galerie Marzee 32nd International Graduate Show in the Netherlands in 2018 where I also launched The Worn Debris Collective.

Any standout teaching moments?

The absolute joy of watching others create a wearable piece for the very first time with their own hands is an incredible feeling, and being contacted by former students to say how they have continued making or undertaken further studies in higher education or to enquire about my next courses. As my creative practice only uses discarded and recycled materials, I am overjoyed when former students invest in creative practices that have sustainability at the forefront of their art and create active change in both studio and lifestyles.

What can students expect from your classes?

A fun, playful, and creative challenge that guides and supports the exploration of art and design, bringing to life individual ideas from a thought to a handmade object or wearable piece. Contemporary jewellery can be many things and in my classes I explore the use of alternative materials and techniques that inspire creative processes whilst encouraging sustainable creative practices that can continue to be built upon outside of the classes.

Explore your creativity with Pennie’s upcoming Sustainable Art courses: Jewellery, Corsages, Vessels & Objects and Wreaths & Wall Art.

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