Planning to travel this year?

With the opening of borders comes the opening up of unlimited travel possibilities and we have seen a flurry of travel advertisements trying to entice us to all corners of the world.   

But after over two years of staying put – how do you want to spend your next holiday? Many want to see family, explore a new culture, get as far away from home as possible, or make the most of all the amazing trips available within Australia.  

Here’s what our team had to say about their travel plans

Got the travel bug? So do we! We asked the team here at CAE about their upcoming travel plans. 

“I’m planning to travel to Europe again later this year – which is why I’ve been learning Italian and also German through CAE’s language courses during 2020 and 2021. Throughout the long lockdowns, despite working from home, I gained a sense of connection to the wider world. 

As a result of acquiring elementary skills in these languages, I feel much more confident about visiting these countries: ordering meals in restaurants, asking for directions from locals, and generally getting around. Learning these languages has given me a wonderful feeling of empowerment and increased appreciation of other cultures”

Bill Collopy – Program Manager CAE and Book Groups  

“Our family is heading to Lombardy in Italy to see family and friends and to Sicily to explore the island’s beaches, old towns and of course the food!”

Emily Hardidge – Program Leader – Short Courses 

“I’m travelling to Darwin for a week and cannot wait! It’s been eons since I’ve gone anywhere and cannot wait for the hot climate, the pool and to explore an unfamiliar city”

Marcus Dunn – Program Leader – Short Courses 

“I am planning to travel to New Zealand in Jan 2023 for a cousin’s wedding. I would also love to travel to India this year, to visit family”

Priya Indla – Program Support Officer – Languages Centre of Excellence 

“We are heading to the Mornington Peninsula to camp. Setting the dial to “slow down” – snoozing in a camp chair, reading, sleeping, eating, playing board games, jumping off the Rosebud pier, swimming with “Big Ben” the giant stingray. Should be absolute bliss”

 Sharon Harris – Program Support Officer – Book Groups 

Short Courses For Travellers

Is the dream of travelling starting to become reality for you? CAE has a range of travel courses to help you on your way.

Italian for Travellers 

Italian for Travellers gives you the confidence to communicate effectively during your trip. This engaging course will prepare you to use simple, conversational Italian effectively in common travel situations, such as meeting people, finding accommodation, travelling and eating out. Each session involves learning a clearly defined set of key expressions (e.g. ‘at a restaurant’) and you will practice with the class in fun, real-life travel situations, as if you were really there in Italy! 

Italian for Travellers focuses on developing your speaking and listening skills. There is no formal grammar teaching and less emphasis on reading or writing skills. The Italian used is contemporary and colloquial. The course also offers an insight into culture and protocols in Italy. 

CAE language courses_Italian_Melbourne CBD

Travel Photography 

Hosted by travel photography guru Glenn Guy, this is a fun and informative introduction to taking great pictures while travelling. Provides a comprehensive overview of travel photography for those with a digital camera. 


Last Minute Language for Travellers (French) 

Learn how to greet people, buy food and drinks, go shopping and get around. You’ll learn key phrases you can use in almost any situation and insider techniques to help you communicate confidently and effectively with just a few words. 

Learn French_Melbourne CBD classes_CAE

Spanish for Travellers 

CAE’s Spanish For Travellers is a 12-hour course specially designed for people planning to travel to any Spanish-speaking country. 

Students will learn the basic language needed to enjoy a holiday in a Spanish-speaking country. For example, how to buy food and drinks, organise transport and book accommodation. The course also includes cultural information relevant to travel situations. 

Learn Spanish_Melbourne CBD classes_CAE