We love that reading transports us but did you know that sharing your reading experience has also been proven to be good for you? Book groups are beneficial for people from all spheres.

Here’s what book groups can add to your reading life.

Group of female friends at book club with eBook reader and novelsDiscussion

Great books make for great discussion! Whether you’re meeting in person or online, our discussion notes are designed to make you consider perspectives and ideas about the book you’ve just read.

Adult reading group 2Discovering new books

A book group is a great way to discover authors that you may not otherwise have read, such as new areas of fiction or specialised areas of non-fiction. Studies have shown that members of book groups tend to read more widely than other readers.

Senior Women Group Social Gathering Book ClubSocialisation

Reading helps us to connect with others, especially during times of isolation. The benefits of engaging with others about your reading are numerous. Members of book groups have been shown to age less quickly and reading reduces the risk of dementia. It’s also a lot of fun.

And as we have noted before, there are proven reasons why reading itself is good for us.

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