Summer has now arrived! We’ve read some great books this year from Australian authors, which will make fantastic summer reads, and we have compiled a selection of our favourite general fiction titles.

The Secret Life of Shirley SullivanThe Secret Life of Shirley Sullivan – Lisa Ireland

When Shirley signs her husband, Frank, out of the Sunset Lodge Nursing Home, she has no intention of bringing him back. They’ve shared so much, and while Frank may not know who his wife is these days, he knows he wants to go home. Back to the beach where they met in the early 1960s… So Shirley enacts an elaborate plan to evade the authorities and her family to give Frank the holiday he’d always dreamed of having. And, in doing so, perhaps Shirley can make amends for a lifelong guilty secret… A beautiful and inspiring story.

The SurvivorsThe Survivors – Jane Harper

The latest crime novel from the author of The Dry is a thrilling read. Kieran’s life changed forever on the day a reckless mistake led to devastating consequences. Now a father, he is still haunted by guilt as he returns to the small coastal community he once called home. Kieran’s parents are struggling and between them all is his absent brother, Finn. When a body is discovered on the beach, buried secrets threaten to emerge. A sunken wreck, a missing girl, and questions that have never washed away…

Factory 19Factory 19 – Dennis Glover

It’s 2022 in Hobart, in the grip of a dark recession with the population declining. A rusty ship sails into the harbour and begins to unload its cargo on the site of the once famous but now abandoned Gallery of Future Art. One day the city’s residents are awoken by a long forgotten sound – a factory whistle. The gallery’s owner, world-famous tycoon Dundas Faussett, is creating his most ambitious installation yet. He’s going to defeat the internet’s dominance over our lives by establishing a new Year Zero – 1948. A brilliant and thrilling read.

The Women's PagesThe Women’s Pages – Victoria Purman

Sydney, 1945 – the war is over and so are the jobs (and freedoms) of tens of thousands of Australian women. Tilly Galloway has hung up her uniform and been forced to work on the women’s pages of her newspaper – the only job available to her – where she struggles to write advice on fashion and make-up. As Tilly waits for word of her missing husband, she discovers the struggles of many women whose war service has been overlooked. An intriguing story of courage and loss.

The Good TeacherThe Good Teacher – Petronella McGovern

Alison’s a good teacher, everyone says so the fact that she stalks her ex-husband is just a tiny crack in her usual self-control. A late enrolment into her class brings little Gracie. Allison takes the sick girl under her wing, smothering Gracie with the love she can’t give her own son. When Gracie has a chance to go to America for treatment, Allison takes charge of the local fundraising drive. But as others start to question her judgement and the police arrive at her door, Allison wonders if she has crossed a line. A story of intrigue and what makes a good person.

Lucky'sLuckys – Andrew Pippos

A story of family and migration, and ultimately a man called Lucky and his restaurant chain. It’s also the story of Emily, who arrives in Australia searching for a good news story and some answers. A mystery draws the fate of Emily and Lucky together. Love, hope, opportunity, fortunes; this is the feel-good read of the year.


Maggie's Going NowhereMaggie’s Going Nowhere – Rose Hartley

Maggie’s life is a mess. In one day, she’s been dumped by her boyfriend, disinherited by her mum, and kicked out of the three-year degree she’d stretched to a decade. And that was before she received the letter saying she owed the government $70,000. While living in a 1960s caravan that’s seen better days, Maggie has to prove to her mother she can survive without a safety net, stop her loyal best friend Jen from marrying a scumbag, and convince her attractive workmate that she’s not a walking disaster. A hilarious and life-affirming novel.

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