We can say goodbye to the long winter months and give spring a warm welcome. It is the perfect time to renew our homes, our gardens and ourselves. Spring symbolises growth. This could mean embracing a new creative project, improving the garden or doing a spring clean.

In Ancient Greek mythology, spring was created when Hades, god of the underworld, abducted Persephone, daughter of Demeter, goddess of the harvest.

Demeter was upset, plunging the world into an eternal winter. In order to maintain a balance of the seasons, Hades allowed Persephone to spend six months of the year with her mother. These months are spring and summer, which represent a time of happiness, renewal and prosperity.

CAE recognises the importance of taking on new challenges and learning new skills to improve your home and health.

Mark Dymiotis is a long-time CAE tutor who has two refreshing courses coming up, guaranteed to put a spring into your summer.  

Growing up in Cyprus, Mark embraces a traditional Mediterranean lifestyle and diet. He has made multiple media appearances sharing his expertise. His garden has even been featured in Australian House and Gardens magazine.     

The Traditional Mediterranean Diet is a one-day course with a focus on the long list of health benefits that come with traditional Mediterranean cooking. Mark emphasises the importance of healthy, environmentally friendly and low-budget meals that are grown locally or from your own garden. He shares best practices as well as easy and affordable tips you can use in your own cooking.  

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How To Build a Traditional Wood-Fired Oven is a very popular course at CAE, taking place at Mark’s impressive property during the course of one Saturday. He shares both his love of gardening and his expertise on how to transform your garden into an extension of the kitchen. Learn how to plan, design and build a wood-fired oven using standard house bricks, mud bricks or clay. Mark will even cook a traditional roast to be shared on the day. 

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Compelling Books about Ancient Greece:

The Odyssey by Homer [B0335] 

Odysseus’ long voyage home from the Trojan War takes him through the terrors of the Cyclops, the seductive Sirens, and the wandering islands, before he finally reaches Ithaca and his faithful Penelope. This early Greek epic has inspired writers and artists in later ages.

Ransom by David Malouf [B2058] 

A lyrical retelling of Homer’s Iliad, set against the background of the Trojan War, Ransom is a meditation on grief and war, which has been described by The Australian as a ‘masterpiece, exquisitely written, pithy and wise and overwhelmingly moving.’

Circe by Madeline Miller [B2301] 

Circe is born in the house of the sun god Helios. A strange child, she is scorned and rejected – and her gift of witchcraft causes her to be banished to a distant island. Her encounter with the mortal Odysseus will change everything. A novel told from the viewpoint of a defiant woman scorned by fickle gods, this is a must-read for fans of Greek mythology.