Personal development can look different to all of us. For some, it can be more focused on our ‘large scale’ thinking and the way we view and interpret the world. For others, it can be aligned with tackling fears and concerns, or growing other soft skills that help you take the next step in your career.

While we can neglect our development during the warmer months, being stuck inside during the cold weeks of winter can provide us with a chance to pick it up again. Below are some of our suggestions for courses to help your mind and spirit flourish.

Philosophy Courses Melbourne

Critical thinking

Over four classes, Dr Doug Adeney will teach you to enhance your skills in evaluation, reasoning and your ability to present your skills.

This is a great course for those wanting to develop the way they think, disseminate information and convey their thoughts to others.

Online Personal Development Courses

Overcoming procrastination: Develop new habits for life

Sometimes it can feel like the pace of life gets faster and faster, with an overwhelming and never-ending list of things to get done.

If you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list and find you struggle with how to get started, this course in overcoming procrastination could be just the thing to help you develop new habits.

What is Your Personal Brand_banner_4000x2250Building resilience

With the pressures of modern life, improving your mental resilience can be crucial to helping you thrive rather than just survive.

This standalone class can teach you how to be more aware of and protect your mental well-being, manage your stress triggers and promote a healthier work-life balance.

Personal Effectiveness | CAE Short Courses

Panic-free public speaking for nervous beginners

Whether it’s for meetings, giving a speech at a wedding or even going to job interviews, the ability to communicate with ease is more important than ever.

Over three sessions, this highly interactive course will give you the skills you need to overcome your nerves to plan and deliver an effective presentation or speech.