Good interior decorating adds new meaning and depth to any living space. As the seasons change, so can your home décor. Whether you want to refresh your home, change up your décor or reflect the different styles of each season, here are some decorating ideas to revitalise your home for every season.



M2541 CAE Short Course May EDM Images 600px V1 WEB AutumnAutumn is characterised by the colour of falling leaves and a cosy fireplace. The autumn colour palette is characterised by a mix of spicy yellow, orange and red colours with ochres and muted olive giving a warm feel to your décor while keeping very close to the natural colours present during this season. The neutral colours that complement the autumn look are drawn from the brown family in various intensities and shades.

During autumn, avoid using the cool colours of summer and fresh colours of spring. For decoration, solid natural and earthy materials such as wood, terracotta and copper can complement the fiery and comforting ambience. To tie off your seasonal decorating, dried flowers and solid candles make a great homage to the autumn season.



M2541 CAE Short Course May EDM Images 600px V1 WEB WinterWinter favours intense, vivid colours that bring to mind the cold winter landscape. The colours featured for this season are the bold blue and aquamarine colours that are contrasted with achromatic blacks, whites, greys and silver neutrals for a dramatic and confident feel. The shades of blue used in winter range from icy blue all the way through to midnight blue, bringing to mind the various shades of the sky against a barren landscape. Whatever shades you use, the winter look prefers a single primary colour with accents of other strong colours for contrast. Whatever shade you choose, just be sure to keep it simple, confident and consistent.

During winter, avoid warm and subtle colours commonly used in the other seasons. For decorating, the winter look is clean and minimalistic, favouring cool metal designs and sleek lighting. White flower designs or simple branches housed in sleek glass or metal vases will complement the colour palette of your winter décor.



M2541 CAE Short Course May EDM Images 600px V1 WEB SpringSpring is a perfect opportunity to refresh the look of your home with natural colours that we associate with sunlight, green growth and new beginnings. Yellows are a great go-to spring colour, reminiscent of bright flowers and sunlight, giving off a sense of warmth and optimism. Fresh crisp greens reflect young leaves, and the feeling of new growth. Red colours with pink undertones help to celebrate the beginning of longer days.

During spring, avoid decorating with dark colours and black, and instead choose warm neutral shades of light grey, cream, ivory and beige to complement your spring colours.  Flowers and crisp scents can be used in each room to create a fresh and clean feel, and floral décor and fresh-cut flowers can be used to finish off your spring look.



M2541 CAE Short Course May EDM Images 600px V1 WEB4 SummerWhile the traditional Christmas season tends to dominate our homes with deep-winter colours and snowy decorations, this should not be the case for us in the Southern Hemisphere. To offset the blistering hot Australian summer, the primary colours used for summer decorating are cool, elegant, light and airy. Summer colours prefer the blue and green hues that reflect the summer sky and beach waters.

During summer, avoid cream and beige colours, and instead try for neutral soft greys, taupes, oyster and whites to complement the cool blues and greens. Nautical or beach designs can complement your décor, as long as the patterns are subtle and restrained. Terrariums or fresh-cut flowers in rustic or unassuming vases can tie off the summer look of your home.


If you favour a particular seasonal style or live with people whose colour preferences clash with yours, then you can always mix it up by using the seasons as a guide to decorate different rooms in your home. There are no hard and fast rules here, it’s mostly about how you envision and feel comfortable in your living space.


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