In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive jobs market, it’s essential to grow and adapt your career. Undertaking professional development can improve your knowledge and skills, and give you the edge you need to move forward. CAE offers professional development courses across several sectors that can really make difference. Here’s some short course examples of how we’re helping people right now, achieve their career goals.


Effective Body Language in the Workplace

Body language is a critical aspect of communication that can make or break your professional image. Understanding and mastering body language can help you better communicate your thoughts and emotions, establish credibility, and build strong relationships. Julie-Anne Black’s course combines theory and practical techniques to help you read and interpret body language accurately, improve your nonverbal communication skills and enhance your professional presence. 


Powerful Presentation Skills

Delivering a presentation that connects with your audience, communicates your message clearly, and projects confidence is a vital skill in today’s workplace. This course provides a comprehensive framework for developing powerful presentation skills, from planning and designing your presentation to delivering it with impact. You’ll learn to use visual aids effectively, engage your audience, and handle questions and objections.


Graphic Design

 Impactful design is an essential component of effective communication. This hands-on course introduces you to the principles of graphic design and the design process. You’ll learn how to use typography, colour, composition, and other design elements to create visual communication that is clear, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll also learn how to use industry-standard software to create professional-quality designs.


Adobe InDesign: Introduction (PC // MAC)

 Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard software for designing and publishing flyers, brochures, magazines and more. This course provides an introduction to the software, its features and tools, and how to use it to create and design professional-quality documents. You’ll learn how to work with text, images, and graphics, create layouts, and prepare your documents for print or digital publishing.


Project Management Fundamentals

Managing projects effectively is essential for achieving business goals and objectives. This course provides an introduction to project management principles and techniques, from project planning and scheduling to risk management and quality control. You’ll learn how to define project objectives, allocate resources, manage stakeholders, and monitor project progress for successful completion.


Small Business: A Start-up Guide

 Starting a small business can be a challenging and rewarding experience. This course provides a practical guide to starting and managing a small business, from developing a business idea and validating it to creating a business plan and securing funding. You’ll learn how to identify your target market, develop a marketing strategy, manage finances, and comply with legal requirements.


Investing in professional development is a smart investment in your future. By continuously developing your skills and knowledge, you can remain competitive and advance your career. The courses mentioned above are just a few examples of CAE’s business development courses that can help you achieve your career goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your communication skills, enhance your design skills, or learn project management techniques, there is a course that can help you unlock your potential.

If you are interested in any of these or other courses that CAE offers, search on our website to see what interests you.