It has certainly been an eventful year. If you didn’t get around to everything on your to-do list, why not make a resolution for 2021 and start the year with a new project?


Hands-on creativityNew Years Resolutions article_artwork

Looking for a creative outlet to create unique works of art? Why not pick up a brush or pencil, and away you go! Whether you want to expand your skills in drawing or painting, or explore printmaking, screen printing or ceramics, there’s many diverse hands-on art forms to try. You can start with the materials around you and find your creative niche.

SewingNew Years Resolutions article_sewing

Maybe you became really handy with a sewing machine this year while making masks and want to expand your skills! There’s so much you can sew, from basic patterns to a trendy summer outfit. Add your own creative flair to your clothes or articles around the home. If you don’t feel confident with a sewing machine yet, start with a needle and thread.

Get creative with wordsNew Years Resolutions article_writing

Always wanted to write a novel or your memoir? Why not set a goal for yourself to write a certain amount of words each day or week for a year? You’ll have your book finished in no time. Set small achievable daily or weekly word targets so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. Find the time the works for you, whether it’s first thing in the morning or just before bed. Write until you achieve your set target.

Business skillsNew Years Resolutions article_business

Have you always wanted to be able to use Adobe InDesign, or excel at Excel, but never found the time? Refining your skills with these programs that are commonly used in business is a great way to add to your CV and job ready skills. Don’t forget to work on your soft skills, such as communication and time management. Working on these skills can also benefit your personal life. Check out our other tips for working on your soft skills.


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