Our long-time music teacher Ysolde has been playing the piano since age seven and teaching at the CAE for over 20 years. Learning an instrument as an adult can seem like a daunting task and even more difficult. Ysolde begs to differ. She has had a very successful career teaching beginners, with her students returning for many years and even Skyping from overseas for virtual lessons. We sat down with her to learn more about what makes her classes different and what students can expect to learn during the course. 

“I teach piano for beginners and levels 2, 3 and 4, day and evening in group classes, with a minimum of five and maximum of ten per class. The method I teach is called Music Logic, which really suits groups. At the CAE by the end of the ten weeks you should be able to read music. That’s why people are getting better value than a one-on-one class.” 

For 20 years Ysolde has taught an alternative type of music theory called Music Logic. This method uses a different approach to reading music, promising students an ability to read sheet music almost 10 times as quickly. Traditional teaching techniques rely on mnemonics for beginners to learn. For instance, you might be already familiar with ‘Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit?’ We asked Ysolde to explain why Music Logic is more effective than conventional methods.  


“I learned to play conventionally so I know what it’s like. You get really good with your treble clef. In conventional teaching, students will memorise F.A.C.E and E.G.B.D.F. The problem is that’s not giving you the landscape of the music and it’s making your brain take more steps than it needs. You’re in the linear part of the brain. Whereas where you read music is in the creative part of the brain. Conventional methods are so much harder. This method teaches you the landscape and to use the part of your brain that reads music.” 

Ysolde is clearly passionate about teaching piano. She has had success with hundreds of students over the years, who all have learned in this way. She is optimistic that her students will learn quickly. They may not be a maestro by the end of the term but they will be able to read and play sheet music with ease and have built a strong foundation. 

“Someone maybe 150 to 200 years ago used F.A.C.E to teach notes and everyone agreed we would do that. It was a retrograde step. Music Logic teaches people what’s called the 5 Cs method. You learn what the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Cs are. Then you can learn where a fourth above C is and where to find a fourth below C. You can read any note anywhere. It was a revolution to me. The way music is written is perfect but not too many people learn the perfection and the simplicity.” 

“Amazing, awesome, simple, innovative, breakthrough piano method!! I can’t remember how many ‘Ah Ha’ moments I’ve had during the courses. Ysolde is a dynamic, engaging, caring & skilled teacher who delivers a wonderful learning experience. I’ve been trying to learn the piano for 30 years and only when I started Music Logic did I get it.  

 Music Logic demystifies traditional ways of understanding music. This system is enjoyable, very fun and will get you to play complete piano pieces within a couple of months, instead of years. The best piano lessons I’ve ever taken! And I’ve taken so many lessons over the years with so many teachers.” – Former CAE Student 

Ysolde considers herself lucky to have found Music Logic as a teaching method. She endeavours to pass along her knowledge to anyone willing to learn.  

“I found this method quite by accident around 1995 and I started teaching in 1997. All through my life until I found Music Logic I thought there must be a better way of writing music. What attracted me to this was a poster that said you could learn piano in 18 weeks instead of 18 months. Well, it’s at least that fast.” 

Music Logic is just one aspect of Ysolde’s teaching. She understands the anxieties that go with learning something new and she believes that students contribute to her knowledge as much as she does to theirs.  

Close up of happy woman's hand playing the piano in the morning.

“There’s more to being a teacher than just spouting information. It is dealing with student doubts and anxiety. I always thank my students for the privilege of the last nine weeks because I get to do what I love. I know I contribute to them but they contribute to me. Even though I’m teaching the same courses, it’s never the same.” 

To finish up, we asked Ysolde if she had a favourite student success story that she wanted to share. Her answer was simple: “I don’t have a favourite, they are all my favourite.” 

If you are interested in learning piano or keyboard, the New Year is the best time to start. Ysolde has several forthcoming courses that are suitable for complete beginner level to advanced levels. Using the Music Logic approach, you will learn to read and play more quickly and efficiently than with conventional lessons. These classes will teach students how to read and play music in just nine weeks and take place in a relaxed group environment. 

Upcoming Courses: 

Piano & Keyboard: For Beginners Day – CAE 

Piano & Keyboard: For Beginners Evening – CAE 

Piano: Level 2 Day – CAE 

Piano: Level 2 Evening – CAE 

Piano: Level 3 Day – CAE 

Piano: Level 3 Evening – CAE 

Piano: Level 4 Day – CAE