It’s no secret that when we look after our health and wellbeing the beneficial effects flow-onto all other aspects of our lives.   

Personal Effectiveness

One important, and often overlooked field of health and wellbeing is ‘Personal Effectiveness’ – how our mindset and approach to the world can have a positive impact on keeping life in balance. Investing in our own ‘personal effectiveness’ can increase our productivity, give us headspace for the more important things in life and allow us space to invest in activities that bring us joy.  

If you feel that your outlook on life is sometimes holding you back, check out these Personal Effectiveness courses from CAE.  

Personal Effectiveness | CAE Short Courses

Declutter and Get Organised 

You can’t think straight when surrounded by chaos. Find out how to declutter what you don’t need to create space and serenity in your home, or downsize if you need to. Develop clear organising systems to find things easily. Understand the emotions under hoarding habits. 


Overcome Procrastination: Develop New Habits for Life 

It can be challenging to achieve success when life feels like an overwhelming battlefield. Procrastination feels like trying to run through wet cement. It drains us of energy and confidence.  

But it’s not a personality trait, it’s a learned behaviour—a defence mechanism that can be corrected and banished from our lives. Doesn’t that sound good? No more stress, no more feeling overwhelmed, no more self-created failures. It is possible to turn your life around. Time to slay your dragons! 

Healing & Personal Discovery | CAE Short Courses