It’s never been more important to monitor your mental health. You may be spending a lot of time looking after others, but make sure you take some time out and think about your own needs.

Here are our tips for looking after yourself.

Look After Yourself_Mindfulness1. Mindfulness

Relaxing is not always easy, especially at the moment. It’s important to take time out now and then to think about positive things. Try meditation to become more aware of your body and posture. Sometimes a simple activity like writing can help clear your mind.


Look after yourself_Art2. Art

Art can be very relaxing and help improve your state of mind. Try painting whatever comes to mind or explore a change of scenery and sketch something in the park. You can incorporate art into your regular routine by doing just a few minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – you can paint, draw or simply get crafty with materials around you. The art of creating can help ease stress.


Look After Yourself_Exercise3. Exercise

Regular and safe exercise is great for your physical and mental health. Try yoga at home or in the park, take a walk, or do some light gardening. Even though it’s cold outside, you can rug up and get some fresh air – it’s a great way to refresh your mind and lift your spirits. If you can, take a walk somewhere different or in a nearby national park as it’s good to get back to nature.


Look after yourself_Connection4. Connection

It’s difficult to connect to people face-to-face at the moment but staying in touch is so important for our wellbeing. Call or online chat with friends and family or visit if it’s safe to do so. You can go for a walk together or do some art and craft. Or if you’re looking to meet new people with similar interests, try an online course. It can be a great way to connect with others and do something you enjoy.


If you need support, don’t hesitate to reach out. There are many resources available, including Beyond Blue, This Way Up or The Black Dog Institute.

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