There is no denying 2021 has been tough, especially as we were expecting bigger and brighter things following on from 2020.   

With the easing of restrictions finally here, we have been reflecting on what brought us joy, the more pleasant side of lockdowns and what we want to retain now that things are returning to normal.   

These are some of the things we have appreciated, do any of them resonate with you?  

  • Spending time in the garden or discovering new parts of your neighbourhood on walks 
  • Playing with the family pet 
  • Getting to know yourself in a new light 
  • Appreciating quietness and stillness – and hearing more sounds from your surrounds 
  • Not feeling guilty for doing absolutely nothing 
  • Getting to know your neighbours 
  • Extra time with family or those you live with 
  • Discovering a new hobby or reconnecting with a hobby from your past 
  • Connecting with your fellow book group members or simply absorbing yourself in a great book.  

With the start of Spring heralding new beginnings, now is the perfect time to reflect on the positive aspects and simple pleasures lockdown may have brought to your life – while also getting excited of the prospects further freedoms will present.   

If you are looking for something inspiring, our book catalogue Dialogue has a great category ‘Surviving and prevailing’ (page 57) full of titles about overcoming adversity.  

We invite you to share images of what makes you happy, brings you peace or gets you energised. Please email your photos from lockdown to Please note these images may be shared in future newsletters.