Floristry In a Day Course at the CAE

For centuries, people have been enamoured with the art of flower care, design and arranging, with the earliest known instances of floral arranging dating back to ancient Egypt 2,500 BCE. Since then, people all across the world have embraced the practice, with many cultures developing their own distinct styles.   

Floristry has also become synonymous with cultural, religious, spiritual and change-of-life events. Adaptations such as bouquets, wreaths, garlands and corsages are just some of the many ways in which floral arrangements are used to commemorate these occasions.  

But despite this rich history, floristry doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can learn simple floral techniques that have maximum impact with CAE’s Floristry in a Day course held at the historic Ola Cohn Centre in East Melbourne. We caught up with the program’s tutor, Sarah Scalzo, to hear more about the course.  

Sarah Scalzo

How long have you been teaching and practising Floristry?  

I have been working in the industry for over 20 years and teaching floristry for the past 6 years.   

What is some feedback you have received from students and what do you think they gain most from the Floristry in a Day course?  

Students enjoy the hands-on practical side of the class including learning about flower care, handling flowers correctly and creating different types of designs. 

What are some benefits of working with flowers?  

Flowers have so many wonderful benefits such as increasing creativity, reducing stress, and lifting your mood, and they are visually beautiful. 

How is the Ola Cohn Centre as a venue for your course?  

The venue works perfectly for the floristry course. It has beautiful areas outdoors for photos of students’ creations. It has plenty of parking nearby and the room itself works well for small groups. 

Who is the Floristry in a Day course for?  

Anyone can do this course. It could be for wanting to pick and create flowers at home, a potential change of career, just to feel inspired and creative, or to do with friends for a great day out.  

Can students take their creations home?  

Students take home everything they make, including any containers they use. I recommend that students drive or arrange to be collected as there will be much to carry home. 

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