Overseas travel allows us to experience unique cultures, customs and cuisines. It also exposes us to new languages, often different from our own. That’s why travel is the best excuse to learn another language and provides the opportunity to be immersed fully while in another country. Plus learning a language is proven to increase our cognitive function and enjoyment while visiting a new place.

Europe is an enticing and popular destination for Australians going abroad, that’s why the CAE offers many courses in French, Italian, Croatian, German, Spanish and more. Our courses have flexible delivery options with online, face-to face, weekdays and weekend availability. Basically, there’s something for everyone!

If you are planning a ‘Euro’ trip, and looking to book your flights for next year, then consider signing up for one of our language courses. We specialise in travel and introductory language classes that will equip you with the skills to engage in basic conversation, order food, ask for directions and make life a little easier while in another country. Plus the new-year is the best time to commit, and six months is the optimal amount of time to learn the foundations of another language and engage effectively in conversation.

If you already have some prior knowledge of a language and want to refresh or increase your ability before you go, then we have you covered. With four elementary levels available before continuing to intermediate and advanced classes. We also offer a Free Skills Assessment that will assess your ability and guarantee you are placed in the right class for you.

The best way to improve while learning a language is connecting with other people and speaking it regularly. Joining a class will equip you with the skills and knowledge but also provide an opportunity to practice before your arrive at your destination.

Courses starting in January 2023

French for Travellers

Italian for Travellers

Introduction to German

Introduction to Spanish