Always wanted to learn a language? Why wait? Here’s why learning a language should be one of your resolutions this year.

HeritageLearn a Language_Heritage

Do you have relatives you always wanted to converse with in their language? Take the opportunity to improve your skills and you can chat away in person or on social media. Learning the language spoken by your immediate family or ancestors enables you to connect with the community and culture.

TravelLearn a Language_Travel

While international travel might be off the cards for a little while, you can still prepare for the trip of a lifetime. Whether you want to see the sights of Paris, walk the streets of Tokyo or explore Rio di Janiero and surrounds, now is a great time to start learning the local lingo so you can be more than just a tourist.  Start dreaming of your escape and immerse yourself in another culture, so once you’re there you can truly connect with your destination and have the ultimate holiday.

CareerLearn a Language_Career

Learning a language can help your career prospects! Not only does it give you a point of difference to have a second language on your CV, it also makes you appealing to global companies and work in culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Australia. It’s a great way to broaden your job prospects while learning something new.

Learn a Language_Personal SkillsPersonal Skills

Being bilingual has been shown to have cognitive benefits too. It helps your memory and communication skills, and improves creativity and multi-tasking. Studies have also shown that it helps to keep your brain healthy for longer. It’s also fun! So why not keep your brain healthy, have fun and improve your skills at the same time.

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