It’s been a while, but all is not lost if you haven’t uttered a word of French in years.

Don’t feel too guilty you haven’t kept studying another language – while it may have been mandatory back at school, only a few continue beyond their final school years.

Have you thought about refreshing those language skills at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE)?

CAE’s language courses are designed to help you read, speak and write in your studying language. The added bonus is that you learn a few things (or more) about the cultures behind the language. Here’s a few tips to spark your inspiration to discover a language once again.

1.    Learn from your lounge room

CAE is offering online language courses which gives you the added bonus of being able to learn no matter where you are! All courses are taught by our skilled teachers in an interactive online environment. You can ask questions, chat with others and learn in a guided environment from the comfort of your own home.


2.    What did you love about the language?

It’s easier to continue the commitment, when you rediscover your love for what you’re learning. At the CAE, our language courses are not just about learning tenses, it’s also a course built around conversations on culture, film, art, food and loads more.


3.    We’ll assess your skills

One of CAE’s qualified teachers will assess you to see how much you recall. This is to make sure that any class you join is at a level is at a learning level suited to you, whether it be from basic to expert, and you get the resources more appropriate to you. The best part is our language assessments are free and done online or over the phone!


4.    Make new like-minded friends in class – and have fun!

Returning to study can be scary for anyone. All of CAE’s foreign language classes are no judgement zones. Everyone is there to learn, and are all on the same level, so mistakes are ok! Don’t worry if you mix up the tenses, or pronounce something incorrectly, the CAE professional teachers are there to give running feedback. Practise your new language skills in conversation with your online classmates, which is way more fun than being on your own. Why not start a chat group with new-found friends, or send emails where you only write in the language you’re learning?



Find a language to fall (back) in love with at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE).

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