As autumn closes, a winter chill is beginning to set in. There’s nothing more warming than keeping the mind active and abuzz and being with others while you learn.

Here are five courses that we suggest may warm you up this month

1. The Short Story

Led by journalist and feature writer, Beverley Eikli, this class takes you through the steps to craft creative and imaginative short stories. It will not only appeal to readers but keep them hooked for the next page.

Learn how to get ideas, develop characters, and write believable dialogue, plot lines and much more.

2.Painting: Abstract

Contemporary artist Lane Cormick has had work featured at key galleries and museums, including the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Under his guidance, you will gain an understanding of the language of abstraction through painting.

From Piet Mondrian, De Stijl and Jackson Pollock, Abstract Painting will be explained through 20th Century Modernist artists and movements. Learn about composition, colour-mixing, design and space, and explore individual expressions. Find out more here.

Abstract Painting 1440x600-min

3.Perfect Pies with Simone

Indulge in the ultimate winter comfort food with chef Simone Mancin’s hands-on pie-making classes. Learn the secrets of creating a rich buttery pie crust, perfect for an array of hearty pies, as well as savoury quiches and decadent tarts. Join him this winter. Warm up your kitchen skills, and explore popular courses like Kitchen Boot Camp, Pasta Fresca, Spanish Tapas, and many more here.

4.Leather Wrapped Journal

Showcase your work, photos, and memories by learning the art of creating a leather-bound journal. Join our workshop to discover the unique bookbinding process, where you will be guided step-by-step, and acquire valuable tips and tricks. Plus, with all materials provided and handy notes to continue your practice at home, it’s a great activity to embrace during the cozy winter season. Start preserving your memories today!

5.Poetry Writing

Published writer and poet, Claire Gaskin, takes students on a voyage through poetry. Explore the many distinctive styles and features to create your own workshop with each other during the course.

Write and develop your poetry using a range of ideas and techniques. Learn how to understand better the aims of writing poetry, and gain experience in evaluation, revision and much more.


We have passionate instructors with industry experience to give the best instruction and practical tips. If you are interested in studying with us, follow the link to see what courses we have on offer at the moment.

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