The world of Harry Potter has delighted audiences and their imaginations for over 20 years. From Hagrid and the Hufflepuffs to Snape and his fellow Slytherins, this wonderful world continues to inspire new generations of fans everywhere.

If you’re looking for a fun, Fantastic Beasts-inspired activity, you should consider visiting the Melbourne Museum. From now until 8 October, they are hosting a special exhibition with both magical creatures from the Wizarding World, as well as other displays from London’s Natural History Museum.

Fans who love learning and want to find a way to tap into their imaginations might also enjoy exploring the following courses.

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Capture the magic around you through your phone

Mobile phones these days offer amazing versatility – including through their camera lenses. This one-day course will teach you how to turn your happy snaps into enchanting images, better preparing you to truly capture the magic of the exhibition.

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Bring your silver screen ambitions to life

Are you enamoured with the silver screen and dream of filling Professor McGonagall’s shoes (or hat)? Over six classes, former actor and presenter Rikki Mcdonald will teach you how to interpret scripts, present and act for the screen. You’ll even have the chance to re-enact a movie scene during class.

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Create your own cloak (though we can’t guarantee invisibility)

Were you enchanted by Hermione’s Yule Ball gown? Or does Sirius Black’s striped suit still haunt your dreams?

Our pattern-making courses will teach you how to create clothing for your own measurements, so you can magic up your own dress, cape or cowl for your next Harry Potter-themed event!

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Sculpt your own magical statue

Harry Potter fans will know that statues are an important part of their world. From the intriguing Demiguises to Salazar Slytherin in the Chamber of Secrets, they are a key element to setting such magical scenes.

Explore the world of sculptures through our introductory course, and over four classes you’ll explore how to get creative with a variety of mediums.

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