Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean everything in Melbourne shuts down; it’s actually the polar opposite. Our fair, frosty city boasts an array of funky festivals, exquisite food fairs, and sporting events where you can shout yourself hoarse. If you’re ready to be inspired by all the current action, let us be your guide! 

Lights, cameras, action

One of the most popular winter highlights is The Melbourne Film Festival (MIFF) in early August. Over two weeks, this festival showcases a diverse range of global cinema, providing a platform for both emerging and established filmmakers and fostering industry growth through forums, lectures, and workshops. 

If MIFF gives you a burning desire to explore the stage or silver screen, why not try our acting classes? 

A gastronomic adventure

The Winter Night Markets at Queen Victoria Market help heat up the city during these chilly months. The market offers a vibrant nocturnal experience of food, shopping, and entertainment. It is indicative of Melbourne’s multicultural richness, attracting both locals and tourists for an unforgettable urban experience. 

If the Winter Night Market gives you food for thought, you might want to the cooking classes we offer at CAE 

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Thrilling winter sports

If you’re a mad sports fan, Melbourne in winter will not disappoint. From the footy to ice hockey matches, there’s plenty to keep your adrenaline pumping and your body moving.  

If the collective roar of the crowds inspires you to become the best version of yourself, the CAE has several fitness courses to help you get there, including Bone Boosters: Open Level. 

Let Melbourne and CAE be your guides to new experiences, skills, and adventures.  


If you’re feeling inspired by all the wonderful things happening throughout the city, don’t just be a bystander; get creative with one of the wide range of short courses to satisfy your passion and curiosity right here: Short Courses – CAE