The CAE Languages Centre of Excellence has one of the largest languages programs in Victoria.

But we don’t just boast a broad range of over 20 languages, we also offer depth from elementary to advanced and many specialised and conversational courses too such as German and Italiano courses.

We asked our qualified language teachers for their top tips for getting fluent faster. And they came up with these.

  1. Set a goal

What do you want to accomplish and how are you going to go about it?

  1. Make a plan

Start out with a plan, even if you need to modify it later on.

  1. Jump in

We learn by making mistakes even in our native language, so don’t be afraid of making them in a new one.

  1. Build your vocabulary

When learning a new word, use it in a sentence rather than just writing it down with its translation.

  1. Enjoy yourself

Think of things that you enjoy doing in your native language and find a way to start doing them in your new language.

  1. Take responsibility for your learning

Learning a language does take work. Books, teachers, podcasts, homework and more are resources available to you. Use them to build your knowledge.

  1. Listen

The more you expose yourself to a language the more familiar it becomes, and the easier it is to speak it properly: Movies, TV, music are all readily available to expose your ear to a language.

  1. Get talking

Traveling is a great way to reward yourself for learning a language, but it’s not necessary to learn a language. Find a partner you can practice with. Find a fun way to practice – write a song, or a poem, see a film, attend a cultural festival and speak with other festival-goers.

Not sure what level is appropriate for you? We’ll assess your skills and recommend what course fits you best, contact us for a skill check on 9652 0611

Don’t see the class level you want on our website? Let us know and we can notify you when one is going to run.

We’ve been working hard developing a new curriculum for our German and Arabic courses which are launching for winter.

Our Elementary 1 courses are now 22 hours for the same fee as the previous 18 hour curriculum.

Our qualified teachers have selected new text books and created new course guides with week-by-week task descriptions to help you prepare.

We’ve also got new online resources and apps to help you practice on the go.

So get ready for that next overseas trip, watch a movie without subtitles, upskill for a new career or to boost your brainpower. It’s the perfect time to enrol in a language course this winter.

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