In winter, the cold days and grey skies may threaten to beat down our spirits, so the arrival of spring – with its promise of warmth and colour – is always welcome. One of the most enjoyable ways to celebrate spring fever is to experiment with DIY fashion. Handmade items can be cosy, classic or quirky – but more importantly, they are a celebration of your own unique style. Using DIY techniques, you can easily transform an old item of clothing or put an individual spin on current trends. And it’s not just clothing that can benefit from a crafty touch – accessories, home décor, and home furnishings are the perfect way to experiment with DIY techniques. Here are some ways you can get creative with spring fashion trends.



Unleash your inner craft fiend and sequin, sew and embroider your way to eye-catching personal style! There are so many ways to stand out from the crowd: stenciling clothes and shoes; stitching embroidery motifs onto sweaters, skirts and bags; painting folk art on leather accessories; or simply adding decorative trim to anything: sequins, lace, ribbons, beads, and this spring’s sweetest trend: bows. Perhaps there’s an old sweater or skirt that you can’t bear to part with, but it needs to be revitalised. Or you could be on a budget and looking for ways to jazz up simple, clean pieces. There might even be a current trend you love, but you want to cater it a little more towards your personal taste.



Creating your own fashion from scratch is easier than you think. Try starting with simple patterns, like scarves or shawls, and soon your knitting needles will be finding their way around cardigans, jumpers, beanies and booties. There are so many gorgeous colours and textures when it comes to wool, and it’s deliciously satisfying to choose one you love and adapt it to your personal style. Harpers Bazaar has tie-dye as one of the biggest 2019 trends, and the good news is that Shibori makes it easy to create virtually any pattern you want, on a range of fabrics. For confident DIYers, you can dive right into the world of sewing and pattern-making – drape it, tuck it, and overlock it, until you create your perfect piece.



The popular prints of spring – think bold graphics, leopard print, and patterns – are perfectly suited to a floaty scarf or tote bag. You can make your own calico bag, or pick one up for a few dollars from almost any craft store, and experiment with screen-printing. Headbands are easy to crochet, knit and sew, and hair slides or combs can be easily adorned with a range of craft materials, for one-of-a-kind accessories. Don’t forget jewellery! Beads, silver, resin, ceramic, textiles – the opportunities are endless.


home designDesign:

Spring fashion also extends into the design and look of your home. House Beautiful and Homes to Love have spring trends revolving around natural textures and beautiful hand-finished techniques, which is perfectly suited for DIY experimentation. Weave your own throws to adorn floors and walls, experiment with homespun ceramics, or create some macramé planters. Pattern is another trend to watch, and can be applied to lampshades, cushions, curtains – maybe even a cosy bed quilt.  The handmade artisanal touch is a sure way to add character to any room and welcome in the new beginnings of spring.


Even if you just want an excuse to wander around your favourite craft store for a couple of hours, DIY fashion is a great way to get creative this spring. If you feel overwhelmed by the possibilities, or are not sure where to start, why not try some of our Fashion, Sewing and Design classes, or perhaps test the DIY waters with an Interior Design & Décor class? Discovering your next DIY fashion project is sure to put the literal spring in your step!

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