“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”

– Mark Twain


Did you know that being creative can be good for you? Taking up a creative pursuit is not only enjoyable but has been shown to have a positive impact on your health. Explore the benefits of incorporating creativity into your daily life.

There are many reasons why you should be creative. Not only can you do something you enjoy, new research has found that getting creative can help us cope better with everyday life. There are also numerous health benefits to including creative activities in your everyday life.

1.      Relieve stress

Group of young sporty people in Balasana pose

Studies have shown that creative endeavours such as writing help to relieve stress, which is a big boost to your overall health.

Free writing can be a great way to cleanse all the excess information and thoughts rattling around your mind onto the page. Simply take a piece of paper and write freely, without thinking or planning, for around ten to fifteen minutes. Don’t take your pen off the paper or your fingers off the keyboard. You may also get some great writing ideas in the process.

Participating in yoga regularly has also been shown to help with stress. It’s easy to incorporate this into your routine and set a positive tone for your day, while stretching and toning your body at the same time.



2.      Improve concentration

Engaging in a creative pastime regularly can boost your concentration. Not only are you focused on the project in front of you, but if you do this activity regularly the sustained practice will help in other areas of your life. Activities that require a high degree of precision such as sewing or detailed sketching are great ways to get your mind going, and they can also improve your hand-eye coordination. At the end you’ll have a unique work of art to hang on the wall or a trendy piece of clothing to wear on your next outing.



3.      Improve your mood

The BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test has revealed that any activity which stimulates your creativity helps with your mood. Some of the most popular creative pursuits from this survey were singing, music, sculpture and reading, as well as gardening and baking – proving you don’t need to travel far to engage in a creative activity.

While these activities can be completed alone, they’re also great to do as part of a group. Why not combine your favourite hobby with a social outing and join a local choir, start a band or find a book group?



4.      Improve your thinking

Creative thinking is a tool that can be used in everyday life, not only during your personal activities, but also in the workplace. Learning a language not only improves your creative thinking, but also gives you cultural insight, and a new way of thinking and seeing the world. It allows you to refine skills that you can use for travel or work. You can also just immerse yourself in a language that you always wanted to learn.

With any creative pursuit, it’s best to find an activity where you enjoy both the process and the product created. Then you’ll reap the benefits while having fun at the same time.


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