If you’ve been at home for a while, it can be hard to find ideas or inspiration for creative projects. If you’re stuck for ideas, there are many places you can look for inspiration, even without leaving home.

Check out our tips for finding inspiration in everyday life.

Creative Inspiration_Virtual Visits1. Virtual visits

While you may not be able to visit in person right now, check out your local gallery or museum’s website – there are many exhibitions you can visit virtually. Melbourne Museum has part of their collection available to view online, you can watch live streams of animals at Zoos Victoria and explore some great architecture with Open House Melbourne’s virtual program. Many international museums have also opened their collections online, so you can travel from your lounge room!

Creative Inspiration_walk2. Take a walk

Getting outside is not only great for exercise but also for inspiration. Whether you want to go for a quick stroll around the block or a run in the local park, you’re bound to feel inspired. Take in your surroundings as you walk. Let the inspiration flow and put pen to page or pencil to paper when you get home.

Creative Inspiration_listen3. Listen

Listen to your favourite podcast or find a new one, or attend a course with an expert in your field. Keep in touch with your friends and find out what they are going. There’s so many online events happening at the moment, including Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, who are hosting online concerts – you can get inspired from the comfort of your couch. Advice from others can be so helpful and may be the inspiration you need to start creating.

Creative Inspiration_do something different4. Do something different

Trying something new is a great way to get the ideas flowing. Whether you work in a different location if you can, or try a new hobby. If it’s been ages since you picked up a book, sit down and read for a few hours. Not just productive procrastination – many artists enjoy having another creative outlet such as cooking or sewing and they find it benefits their work and helps the clear the mind.


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