Stimulate your brain with a different type of workout – cooking. Brushing up on essential kitchen skills or learning a new cuisine will be a rewarding and fun experience. Not sure where to start? Here’s a few inspirational tips to get your creative juices sizzling.

1.  Get Back to Basics

Unrecognized women preparing fresh healthy salad.It’s time to start at the beginning with essential kitchen skills and mastering the basic techniques. Aside from having the opportunity of wowing those around you with your incredible skills, learning to master the basics provides a great social opportunity. Learning with a friend and/or a loved one makes it an interactive activity, and allows you to participate in something that you otherwise wouldn’t participate in. Learning how to cook can be a big hurdle, so strengthening that bond with overcoming the obstacle and whisking up something delicious with a loved one can only mean delicious samplings!

2.  Looking Sharp!

Chopping 2Did you know that there’s at least ten different knife cutting techniques? Enhance your kitchen knife skills by learning how to chop, slice, julienne and dice. It’s more than just finding the right knife. It’s about holding it correctly sharpening, care and storage of it. Investing in the right cutting board also helps with. The best part about enhancing your knife skills, is that properly cut items look professional, and cook more evenly. Carrots are about to become more yum.

3.  Thinking about Gluten Free?

Various gluten free flourDespite the obvious health benefits of enjoying a gluten free diet, taking the extra step of cooking gluten free explores the opportunity your traditional dishes, exploring great flavour combinations.  The mindfulness that comes with going gluten free will bring distinct awareness of the foods you are eating and where substitutes can happen.

4.  That’s a ‘more!

Picking slice of pepperoni pizzaPizza has a long standing tradition as being a family favourite. Have you ever considered learning the variety of flours that can be used to create the perfect pizza base, and how different ovens that will produce unique results? An opportunity to create an authentic Italian pizza is an opportunity to make an old favourite into something brand new.

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