Whether you’re working flexibly or planning a return to the office, communication and public speaking skills have never been more important. Check out our tips for improving your skills to excel in the workplace.

Communication-in-the-Workplace Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Many people fear public speaking, but there’s things you can do to manage this. Imagine being able to confidently address a room full of people whenever the need arises. Remember you don’t need to become an amazing public speaker overnight – practise makes perfect. Whether it’s a public forum or a business meeting, make yourself standout.


Communication-in-the-Workplace Conversation Skills

Conversation Skills

It may seem obvious, but there’s more to effective conversations than meets the eye. From the challenges of small talk and shyness, learn how to assert yourself and ask the right questions for a successful conversation. Becoming more confident allows you to join in group conversations with ease and will make it easier to engage with your colleagues.


Communication in the Workplace_presentations


Once you’re comfortable with public speaking, think about the ways you can get your point across. If you need to do a dynamic presentation for work or study, you need to learn how to present yourself and your ideas effectively. This is an important skill both in person and in the digital world and can help you make an impact.


Communication in the Workplace_written communication

Written Communication

Even though you may be back to working face to face, written communication is still vital. Whether you’re writing an external email or contributing to a group chat, clear and concise communication is needed to make sure everyone’s on the same page and you can complete your work effectively. Remember you don’t need a lot of words to make a big impact – using less words in the right way can do the job!


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