As we approach the halfway mark of this year, we thought you might have a look at your reading choices so far. We have run a report through our system on the most popular titles our Book Groups around Australia have borrowed in the last six months. Here is the top 20.

Top 5


Name Published Author


B2371 The Little Wartime Library 2021 Kate Thompson 91
B2343 The Last Bookshop 2021 Emma Young 79
B2351 A Room Made of Leaves 2020 Kate Grenville 67
B2338 The Bass Rock 2020 Evie Wyld 60
B2317 The Dictionary of Lost Words 2020 Pip Williams 58
B2332 The Weekend 2019 Charlotte Wood 58
B2297 Milkman 2018 Anna Burns 55
B2331 There Was Still Love 2019 Favel Parrett 55
B2281 The Trauma Cleaner 2017 Sarah Krasnostein 53
B2372 Lucky’s 2020 Andrew Pippos 53
B2360 Black and Blue 2021 Veronica Gorrie 52
B2315 Death in the Ladies’ Goddess Club 2020 Julian Leatherdale 50
B2362 The Countess from Kirribilli 2021 Joyce Morgan 50
B2359 Believe in Me 2021 Lucy Neave 49
B2361 The Christie Affair 2022 Nina da Gramont 46
B2266 Reckoning: A Memoir 2016 Magda Szubanski 45
B2378 Summerwater 2020 Sarah Moss 45
B2363 The Dressmaker’s Secret 2020 Rosalie Ham 43
B2299 A Month of Sundays 2018 Liz Byrski 41
B2316 The Death of Noah Glass 2018 Gail Jones 39

As you can see, there are some clear favourites among them. Not surprisingly, many of our most frequently borrowed titles are recent releases. One of them though, Reckoning: A Memoir by Magda Szubanski [B2266], continues to be a firm favourite seven years after publication. Winner of multiple awards, this remarkable memoir describes Magda’s journey of self-discovery and the story of her remarkable family.