As the world, and our lives continue to remain unsteady, it’s time to take solace in the tried and true methods of art as therapy.  

Using art classes to relieve stress is nothing new, and art practice can hold the key to many health and wellbeing benefits such as mindfulness, creativity and self expression.  

If you are feeling like bringing some positivity into your life, why not explore one of our wide range of art classes in Painting, Calligraphy or Drawing 



We offer a wide range of painting courses to help you explore and develop your techniques, skills and personal style. 

Featured Painting course: Express Yourself Through Painting 

Gain confidence in the technical application of oil or acrylic paints.  Develop a personal art response through innovative exploration and experimentation with ideas, concepts and the painting medium. Learn new skills for achieving desired effects through realistic or abstract representation while improving your personal techniques. 

Oil Painting Short Courses at CAE_Melbourne CBD



Be introduced to the art of calligraphy. Learn how to create and explore beautiful lettering through traditional and contemporary techniques. 

Each course gives a basic understanding of the principles and techniques, together with practical work. All courses are suitable for beginners, continuing and the more experienced students. 

Featured Calligraphy Class: Tao Calligraphy 

Tao Calligraphy writing is one of the fastest ways to self clear negative energy, and transform our mental and emotional blockages. 

Calligraphy | CAE Short Courses



Take the first step toward drawing confidently by using the design elements and principles to achieve a personal visual solution. You will develop your skills and personal style through fun and challenging exercises. 

Featured Drawing program: Sketching in the Yarra Valley 

This exciting course offers opportunities for sketching En Plein Air, from life, around Lilydale Lake.  Artist Janet Hayes will show you how to create sketches in ink and use watercolour to add colour. Ink and watercolour is a quick, easy way to capture landscape. This class provides a combination of exercises exploring different techniques with ink and watercolour, and creating finished sketches. Janet will interact with students to answer individual questions. For beginners and those who want to brush up on their skills.  

CAE Short Course - Drawing


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