Melbourne is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and that can only mean one thing — fantastic food! dumplings

Not to brag, but we have quite a few dumpling experts here at the CAE.  We’ve dragged them kicking and screaming into our interrogation room and forced them to reveal their top‑secret dumpling spots around town. The results may surprise you!

New Shanghai
This hidden gem, tucked away in the Emporium food court has some outstanding dumplings.
Where: Emporium Food Court
Favourite dumpling: Shepherd’s purse & pork wontons, chilli oil, peanut & sesame sauce

ShanDong Mama
ShanDong Mama serves traditional eastern-style cigar dumplings, a delicious change from the usual northern fare.
Where: 7/200 Bourke Street and Centre Place opposite CAE
Favourite dumpling: Chicken and ginger fried dumplings

Shanghai Street Dumpling
This wonderful little dumpling place in Little Bourke Street never fails to please, although you should expect a wait as this place is always packed.
Where: 342 Little Bourke Street
Favourite dumpling: Xiao Long Bao

Shanghai Village Chinese Restaurant
Its no-frills atmosphere is hidden behind a heritage facade, and Shanghai Village offers great value for money with an extensive menu to choose from.
Where: 112 Little Bourke Street
Favourite dumpling: Steamed pork and vegetable

If you love dumplings as much as we do – why not join our next Dumpling class?