Existing members (including Secretaries) will receive a letter with a enrolment form or an email containing their member number, group details, and instructions to re-enrol online. Re-registration can be done online at www.cae.edu.au, by calling Customer Service on 03 9652 0611, or by mailing a completed enrolment form to CAE Book Groups, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000.

New members: if you invite a new member to join, contact us to find out the pro-rata fee for the remaining meetings in the year. New members can enrol by phone or by mailing a completed enrolment form to us.

Enrolment form – Victoria (PDF)    Enrolment form – Interstate (PDF)

Please note:

  • The group Secretary needs to keep us updated on the number of members in your group so that we send you enough books.
  • Each re-enroling member must pay for the same number of meetings, that is, the number of meetings the group will have during the year. CAE cannot offer reduced fees to individual members who are unable to attend meetings for part of the year because of other commitments.
  • The only exception to this is for new members enroling during the year who are entitled to pay a pro-rata fee commensurate with the number of remaining meetings the group has for the year.

Payment Options

Cash and EFTPOS payments can only be made in person at the CAE Customer Service Hub, Level 2, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. We cannot accept cash sent in the mail.

Combined Group Enrolment can be sent to us on one credit card, cheque or money order payment to enrol the whole group at once. The Secretary collects individual payments and enrolment forms from each member, checks their accuracy and totals the amount payable. The Secretary then fills in the cheque, credit card or money order details on their own enrolment form for a total amount covering all the individual payments. Even if some members choose to pay individually, you can still make a combined group enrolment/payment covering most members.

Enrolment Forms can be posted to us or paid in person at the CAE Customer Service Hub, Level 2, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne. If you require a receipt (tax invoice) for your payment, please tick the relevant box at the bottom of the enrolment form.

Cheques and Money Orders should be made out to CAE (Centre for Adult Education), and must be signed and dated.

Credit Card information on the enrolment form must include card type (Visa or MasterCard), all sixteen digits of your credit card number, the card expiry date and your signature. Please note that Diners Club and American Express are not accepted by CAE.