Course Summary

Don’t be intimidated by watercolour any longer! This is a fun and flexible medium with many contemporary applications. Learn how to use the materials on their own and with other mediums such as pencil, ink, masking fluid and salt! Enjoy finding your own style on paper.

One of the lessons we learn through art is that spontaneity is often well planned. Tutor Eleni Rivers will guide students in creating the elusive watercolour medium that is both, solid and spontaneous, gestural, yet rich with detail and specificity. You will learn the process of creating a watercolour painting / illustration and explore the use of the watercolour palette – which brushes, how much water and what washes to start with, as well as learning new techniques using other mediums.

The step-by-step approach of the course creates a relaxed environment with no pressure and surprising results. More advanced students will work on their own subjects of choice and be assisted to develop their own style and skills.

Course Sessions

Sunday, 24th November - 1 class

Session ID HXW59902C
24 Nov - 24 Nov 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$229 / $218 (conc)
Eleni Rivers

Participants will have the opportunity to learn:
– about watercolour materials and their application
– how to create different techniques through mixing, washes etc
– correct use of various brushes and other watercolour tools
– how to use watercolour straight from the palette onto the paper with and without sketching in first – a method the students will learn to adopt with confidence

About Eleni

Eleni Rivers is a professional artist who has been teaching painting and drawing for over 25 years. She completed her MFA at JFK University in Berkeley, California in addition to holding several art degrees from colleges in Australia.

Eleni’s paintings, drawings and illustrations have been exhibited and published in many countries and are held in collections both here and the US. Now based in country Victoria, Eleni continues her art practice on themes of the environment, dreams, and belonging within the Australian landscape.

You can see examples of Eleni’s work at

Watercolour Contemporary

Please bring the below materials to class.


Two individual sheets of watercolour paper with a weight of 300gsm. The heavier the paper, the less likely you will have to deal with the warpage of the damp paper while painting.

Suggest Arches watercolour, medium surface.

OR use any watercolour pad e.g. Arches watercolour, A3 size, medium surface, 300gsm

Watercolour Paints

Please do not buy cheap watercolour sets – the results will be disappointing! Artist quality are always the best however, if concerned about cost, the following is suggested:

8ml tubes – Art Prism Watercolours made by the Australian company, Art Spectrum. Can purchase online – see link below. *

Primary colours required = Cadmium Yellow hue, Cadmium red hue, Cobalt Blue hue, andPermanent rose hue

Optional: other suggested colours include Phthalo Blue, Hookers Green Permanent, Raw Sienna Hue (Light) OR Sepia .

Please bring any colours you already have.

Good quality brands include Art Spectrum, Windsor & Newton, Schminke, Daniel Smith


• One round watercolour synthetic Size #12 e.g. Roymac Achiever, Nam white Taklon, or Golden

• One soft, round wash brush for washes, such as Jasart Black Goat Hair Mop 3/4, OR Squirrel 389

• Plus your own choice of other watercolour brushes as long as they are not smaller than size 8 round or 1/2″ flat.

Drawing Materials

Lead pencil 2B

Kneaded eraser


White plastic palette with large, round, deep areas for paint, slanted areas and preferably with a lid e.g. Large – FOLPAL4 AB Folding Palette (see

Two plastic water containers

Soft rags or paper towel

Masking tape

Firm board, approx. 45 x 32cm (strong cardboard or foam core would suffice – slighly larger than A3)


Colour pencils; crayons; masking medium; hair dryer; pencil sharpener or blade; scissors;

notebook and pen; folder and/or plastic bag to transport paper; any other paint colours etc.


Total cost approx. $110 – 150 depending on the quality you invest in and what you already own and where you shop. Online stores are often cheaper e.g.

*Art Prism Watercolours are only $5.80 a tube compared to $8 or more for a tube of similar quality elsewhere

* For a real store with real people, I highly recommend Senior Art Supplies: 21 Degraves St, Melbourne, ph. 9639 6662. Not open Sunday. You are eligible for a 10% discount with class receipt. Make sure to get there no later than 4pm on Saturdays. Helpful staff!

Notification of a class cancellation will be advised 48 hours prior to the course commencement date. We advise to purchase your materials once you have received email confirmation that your class is proceeding as scheduled. All efforts are made to ensure that our classes proceed to avoid disappointment.

This course is suitable for students who have some experience in drawing or painting but have previously lacked confidence in approaching watercolour as an expressive medium.

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