Course Summary

Preparing to study VCE  in 2024 but feeling like you need to brush up on your skills?

This 4-day intensive face-to-face program is designed to support learners who haven’t been in formal education for a while and are planning on returning to study VCE (VCE0000001) at CAE/BHI  in semester 2 2024.


  • Note taking
  • Revise and retain to avoid relearning everything for exams
  • Thinking tools: mind maps and other diagrams for study
  • Creating consistency:deconstruct and organise to beat the due dates
  • Planning and preparing a strategy to success
  • Time management tips:how to prioritise
  • Blending the work load with your life
  • Reading and responding to text

Runs: Dates to be confirmed for mid year intake

Location: City Campus, Flinders Lane 

Cost: No fee to student. Course is Government funded.

How to enrol: Call Customer Service on 9652 0611 or enquire online at enquiries


Last updated: June 14, 2024 04:46pm