Course Summary

This program offers you a practical approach to building your innate capacity to break cycles of anxiety and stress. It offers you a wealth of tools, gentle yoga practice, and an in-depth approach to shifting your habitual thinking and to restoring life’s balance. Helping you to practice the kind of self-reflection that motivates true, lasting change, we will tap into the roots of your stress and anxiety to transform them where they began deep within your consciousness.

What you’ll learn:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Asana (body posture in yoga) Lab including alignments to give an understanding of how to go into a pose and perform with safety
  • Pranayama (practice of breath regulation) Lab to experience how our breath works and how it impacts our body and mind
  • Introduction to meditation & mindfulness
  • Introduction to chanting

This course is suitable for beginners and regular yoga practitioners.

Ideal for those who would like to:

  • Change the habits that keep you repeating the same anxious patterns.
  • Calm your racing thoughts.
  • Improve your body’s reaction to stress so that you feel less physical anxiety in difficult situations.
  • Develop more positive feelings toward yourself.

Discover how to be guided by personal radiance rather than ruled by anxiety

About Rachel Nowotnik


My name is Rachel Nowotnik (she/her). I am a Yoga teacher based in Melbourne. 

I first came to Yoga seeking balance from the rigours of dance training. I found that the more frequently I attended classes, the more I yearned for something deeper out of my practice, so I have returned again and again to cultivate inner stability, develop greater self-awareness, and shift my perspective on the world.

​Compassionate and open in my approach, I invite everyone to come as they are. I hold space for each person to explore and have fun in their unique ways. I offer a supportive and inclusive practice for anyone who would like to explore how Yoga can increase presence, clarity, and focus. Classes will invite curiosity about how breath, movement and meditation can increase feelings of ease and self-compassion. 

I have studied extensively in a wide range of fields, including:

  • Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (Australian Yoga Academy)
  • Somatic Based Trauma Yoga Teacher Training Module 1&2 (Moksha Academy of Yoga)
  • An 8-Week Learning in Mindfulness Meditation (Jon Kabat-Zinn)
  • Healing trauma – a complete course on somatic experiencing (Peter A. Levine)
  • The Power of Awareness – Mindfulness training (The Awareness Training Institute)
  • Mental Health First Aider training (Mental Health First Aid Australia)
  • Bachelor of International Studies (RMIT)
  • Graduate Certificate in International Business (Monash University)
  • Accredited Research Manager (Foundation) (Australasian Research Management Society)

You can find me @rachel_nowotnik

Currently, we have no dates scheduled for this course. Please contact us via email to register your interest.

Please bring your yoga mat, water bottle, notebook and pen.

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