Course Summary

The modern smartphone has evolved into a surprisingly effective platform for creating short movies. This course provides an understanding of what can be achieved using just your iPhone. From capturing a friend’s wedding, documenting your baby’s journey into childhood, to editing holiday footage, videographer George Poulakis will guide you through the entire process. You’ll learn core filming techniques and essential camera movements necessary to make the perfect video. You’ll also learn pre-and-post production essentials, including how to storyboard, edit your footage, add themes, music, and photographs, how to avoid copyright issues, and how to share your video on platforms such as Tiktok and YouTube.

Course Sessions

Sunday, 16th June - 3 classes

Session ID HDAL9502C
16 Jun - 30 Jun 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$349 / $332 (conc)
George Poulakis

Sunday, 13th October - 3 classes

Session ID HDAL9503C
13 Oct - 27 Oct 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$349 / $332 (conc)
George Poulakis


  • Teacher/student/course introduction
  • The fundamentals of smartphone operation for video
  • Essential camera movements
  • Video design principles
  • Creative filming techniques
  • Conventions of genre

 DAY 2

  • Understanding your software
  • Trimming and editing your footage
  • Creating transitions
  • Adding music and photos
  • Adding themes
  • Avoiding copyright issues
  • Exporting your video

 DAY 3

  • Storyboarding your ideas – Reviewing final movies
  • Reviewing final movies
  • Providing constructive criticism
  • Sharing your video on platforms such as YouTube, Tiktok and more

A good balance of theory and practical work, this workshop will provide you with everything you need to produce your very own video. From storyboarding and creative camera techniques through to editing and polishing your movie, you’ll discover all that can be achieved using just your iPhone.

George Poulakis is a multi-award-winning visual artist whose photographs and short films have been exhibited nationally. His extensive commercial photography experience complements his art practice, allowing him to approach his work with technique and creativity.

No prerequisites necessary. All you need is an iPhone and a desire to learn! Also suitable for iPads!

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