Course Summary

What are the different types of misinformation? How does misinformation spread? What to look out for in strategies that are used to deceive you. 

  1. Understand the misinformation landscape.
  2. Strategies used by those who seek to misinform.
  3. Emotional manipulation, conspiracy theories and opinion echo-chambers.
  4. How to navigate through the landscape of opinion and not be fooled by misinformation. 

Join expert guide Associate Professor Hassan Vally, health scientist and author, as he helps to empower you with the tools for seeing through manipulation and misinformation. 

Here are links to some of Dr Vally’s published work:

Hassan Vally | The Age

Hassan Vally – The Conversation

A cat coronavirus is now spreading across Europe. Should we be worried? – BBC Science Focus Magazine

Course Sessions

Tuesday, 20th August - 4 classes

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20 Aug - 10 Sep 10:30am - 12:30pm
Location CBD
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$299 / $284 (conc)
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