Course Summary

Gain a practical understanding of how your body language influences others, forms first impressions and affects the success of your communication and relationships with others. With 93% of our communication being non-verbal, it is important for yourself and others to be able to interpret the minute changes that occur from moment to moment.

In this class with expert, Julie-Anne Black, you’ll get an appraisal of your own body language and learn exactly what to do to be more open, engaging and influencial.


Course Sessions

Thursday, 11th July - 2 classes

Session ID SKZ32202C
11 Jul - 18 Jul 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$199 / $189 (conc)
Julie-Anne Black

Thursday, 31st October - 2 classes

Session ID SKZ32203C
31 Oct - 7 Nov 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$199 / $189 (conc)
Julie-Anne Black

This course, with Body Language expert, Julie-Anne Black, combines both theory and a practical approach to provide students with a better understanding of key Body Language issues

Did you know the way you use particular hand gestures, facial expressions and body movements affect your ability to influence others? In this class you will get an appraisal of your own body language as well as learning exactly what to do to be more open, engaging and influential.

You will:

Gain a deeper understanding of how and why we communicate the way we do.

Learn how to recognize signs of awkwardness, authority, shyness, confidence and genuine happiness.

Become aware of the subtle micro-movements and gestures the body naturally makes when put in situations that are both comfortable and uncomfortable and what you can do to promote certain reactions.

Learn how to communicate with impact and intent; how to create instant rapport and trust; and how to influence others towards your own goal.

Key Outcomes:

Body language – why it matters

Building congruency – matching words with actions

Common mistakes in reading body language

Key gestures and what they mean

Body language traps to avoid

Truth, lies and sincerity

Cultural factors and body language

Understanding the rapport mechanism

Noticing rapport in others

Body language and gender

Delivered by Julie-Anne Black

International motivational speaker and author, Julie-Anne Black mentors business professionals, providing access to the most powerful techniques available to allow them to take charge of their success and happiness. She shows you how to unleash your confidence, creativity and performance by transforming the way you think, act and communicate.

Julie-Anne has provided keynote addresses for many corporate and government organisations including Treasury Corporation of Victoria, Shell, BMW, Lululemon, Kookai, AESC, Cadbury, Australian Builders and Construction Commission (ABCC) and NAB. She has presented on stages in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Brazil and Dubai. Featured in publications The Age, CLEO, I AM WOMAN, MX and Executive PA and interviewed for radio and online TV in Dubai, Australia, USA and UK. Julie-Anne also interviews fabulous women as part of the I AM WOMAN Project podcast series.

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