Course Summary

This course provides a comprehensive overview for small business owners, marketing professionals any anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in Digital Marketing. Students will learn about the fundamental aspects of creating effective websites, implementing SEO, and leveraging Analytics, Automation, and AI. The course also covers direct marketing methods like Email and Chatbots, as well as Digital Advertising strategies, including Google Advertising and Social Media Marketing, to increase brand awareness and attract new customers.

Course Sessions

Saturday, 7th September - 2 classes

Session ID SKBA7901C
7 Sep - 14 Sep 10:00am - 3:00pm
Location CBD
Session Fees
$359 / $341 (conc)

What you’ll learn in the Digital Marketing Essentials short course:

Website Creation
• Fundamentals of good website design
• Understanding SEO
• Creating quality content
• Growing sales through E-Commerce

Analytics, Automation, and AI
• Understanding Analytics
• Enhance marketing with automation
• A.I. the new frontier
• Focusing on conversion

Direct Marketing
• Implementing a CMS
• Effective email design 
• Creating campaigns for EDM and SMS
• Engaging with Chat Bots

Bottom of Funnel – Google Advertising
• How Google Ads work
• Paid Search Advertising
• E-commerce Shopping ads
• Recovering customers with remarketing

Middle of Funnel – Social Media
• What is Social Media?
• Social Media Strategy (Organic)
• Creating content for social media
• Boosting your social with paid advertising

Top of Funnel – Branding
• Building your brand
• Display advertising
• Telling a story with Video
• Growing your network with social and influencers

By the end of the course you will gain a deep understanding of the breadth of digital marketing techniques and their benefits through:
•  Learning the principals of good websites design and SEO
•  Understand the benefits of analytics, automation, and AI
•  Understand best practice for direct marketing through CRM, email and chat bots
•  Understand how Google advertising works and how to implement
•  Develop an understanding of when and where social media should be used
•  Insights on how to build and grow brand awareness online

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